Thursday, February 12, 2009

When Floyd And Freud Collides.

I dream in blue,
When I'm mellow and blue.
Of cloudy skies, and swirling mists,
Of tears in hell, that persists.
The lightning strikes,
The hail stones fall.
"Goodbye blue skies!"
A voice yonder, calls.
I assure myself,
It is a dream after all!

I dream in red,
When I'm bruised and jaded.
Of tumultuous seas,
And enemies with paranoid eyes.
I see swords and blades,
Spilling wrath and venom.
I see revolutions and anarchy,
And violent atrocities.
I ask myself,
Was it a dream after all ?

I dream in black,
When all my hopes have been marooned.
I see melancholy bores, behind closed doors,
And burning bridges falling apart.
The fat old sun lies pouting, eclipsed,
Hiding a saucerful of secrets lest it slips.
The dark side of the moon is all I see,
When hopelessness echoes within me.
Dreaming of such stark realities makes me think,
I hope that was just a dream after all!

I dream in white,
When I breathe in peace.
Embraced and engulfed by serenity,
That caresses me with its gentle wings.
I sail on still breeze,
(You would wonder how, but I dreamt I did!)
And I find myself coming back to life,
With two suns during sunrise,
And I wish to myself,
I hope that was not just a dream after all!

I dream in green,
When green is the colour.
I dream of you and me,
I dream of us and them.
Wandering in rolling valleys
On a great day for freedom!
I dream of beginnings,
Giving birth to a smile.
Wishing as I walk the miles,
That it was the beginning of a dream after all!

But all my dreams have a hint of Pink,
The interpretation may be Freudian, but 'Floydian' are my dreams!
I’ve seen shining diamonds and great gigs in the sky,
I’ve seen pigs flying, while I am learning to fly!
I dream in black and white ,
And all things between,
Of what I like and dislike,
And what lies within.
“Any colour you like!”,I hear you call,
That’s what dreams are,after all!