Friday, September 26, 2008

The Beginning

The whole darned idea of blogging..! Rather a la mode..! However I don’t understand where the whole point lies, typing away, one’s deepest ,darkest ,brightest, thoughts,honest expressions(supposedly) for people to dissect, judge(how I hate that!),criticize.. and worst of all, to know..! That baffles me..! What’s with the desire to make the personal, impersonal.. I wonder? What’s with the objective of writing ,either hoping for appreciation, or dreading a nasty comment…I wonder? Why would people type away poetic words with almost astute perfection, when the whole act of typing is half as romantic as writing, I wonder?? I fail to see the point. But life, as we know it, would have been rather bland, had it solely been based on geometry. I guess it is the “point-less” trivials that matter..! So while I wouldn’t be sharing my secret desires with all and sundry, my intimate thoughts with all who care to read my blog(I thank them for doing so, though),I will be honest, at least will try to be so, in my own limited way. Comments will be welcomed,(yes, I have a modicum of narcissism within me, nominal in quantum but does exist),however they shall not influence what I write(rather, type.)
With these words, I start my journey, devoid of all geometry, on the ultimate day of my being a teen, being nineteen…hoping to find some meaning, in this whole maze of pointless nothings


Red Blue Spies said...

And Cheers to your attempt!

This beginning should have no limits. No sense of space and time. Everything will disappear.


Priyanshi said...

I had the same feeling when i started blogging. Why would I want others to read what i feel? But there's a way of dong'll learn girl! and good luck on this journey :)


@red blue spies

Indeed.I DESPISE limiting concepts.


I think I know being discreet :P

Mono said...

cheers on your maiden blog!you'll find that even though the act of typing isn't remotely as interesting as writing,you'll get some really nice thoughts and ideas outta of your head in due course of time!cheers!

Riniki said...

a good start...u still are a li'l dazed with the concept of blogging....but I believe u'll do really well.....go on girl emote!!

Twisha Mukherjee said...

Number one, I hadn't been too lucky with my internet connection, hence I didn't notice that you had deleted me. I don't want to say anything on it, since you don't support public manifestations of private emotions. So, I'll always be guilty as far as you are concerned. And, I apologise to you, sincerely.(I thought I could adapt to various personalities, but, sometimes, I think wrong things as well). About this post, comment: People mostly blog things they want to share. An experience that was too good, or too bad to be kept within you, a message you want to spread, a lesson you learnt that you feel others ought to learn as, thumbs us, and all the best!



Yes,I will try my hand at e-moting for sure..! :D New is beautiful!


I can understand you were disturbed that night.Your comments here and elsewhere bear no congruence to the inappropriate comments you made last day..!That's good..!
And thank you..!I will trY to do my best..and make an effort to share what I think should be shared :)

Sanjheli said... you I'm also quite new to the idea of blogging,but I really appriciate the way you started...I think it is going to be more n more exciting n interesting with time.Be yourself,just the way you are always.....thinking out of the box.
Good luck.

Pongy Papaya said...

*welcome hug*

not even half as romantic? blogosphere has its own charm re

happy budday again!



Really..??In search of it... :)

Rene Lacoste said...

In all frankness, I like typing much more than writing. Much less effort and much faster :). Also, Diamonds and Rust-you a Priest fan too? :D

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Well,not really :P
But about the "diamonds and rust",it's because I'm a huge fan of Joan Baez and I'm not very fond of covers unless they are phenomenal ;)