Thursday, March 12, 2009

Potpourri II

Whirlwind days! Intensive cramming and extensive regurgitation and voila two mammoths are handled! Time stood still for a week or so. No, not in the “Time Stops At Shamli” sort of way (Sigh!), but a rather stagnant predicament really! Lots happening around me, within me, without me and I could only be a silent spectator, like standing at the periphery and watching the world go by!(No, I’m not experiencing a Dependency Theory hangover, thank you).My mind is in a mess, so full of things that are waiting to be released! Amen!

Adiga’s Tiger : It may be white, but it is rather bland too! I was extremely disappointed with the book! For one, it was rather clichéd; especially the outcome with its rise of the proletariat intonations. Then there is a difference between reporting a story and the art of story-telling and while Adiga zealously does the former,the latter is forgotten. Telling a story without fuss or frills doesn’t mean one needs to be crass and lose all sense of aestheticism. Catcher In the Rye was realistic right!?! The White Tiger just seemed like a very long magazine article to me with rather confused and un-crystallized ideas and no direction.Its only impact: I am more scared of my driver now than I already was!

The Oscars : Now that was no awards show! It was just a theme party, the theme being India! I was expecting elephants instead of limousines and had Jackman done a "Main hoon Don" instead of "I'm Wolverine",I wouldn't have been shocked!No,REALLY!I wouldn't have been shocked if Anil Kapoor had been awarded a lifetime achievement award for a lifetime of OTT acting finally paying off!I wouldn't have been shocked if Ms. Frieda Pinto had won a statuette! So what if she wasn't nominated? They could have just come up with a new category, silly! This is supposed to be some sort of Big Push to the "Indian" Film Industry! No Satyajit Ray couldn't do it(supposedly)!But apparently this film,which barely made me feel and didn't make me think at all, did !Ah well! Macroeconomics rules !Godspeed "white trash"!
However, I was surprised that Kate Winslet won! She truly deserved it! Now isn't that odd?!? :D

Tull-ed : My Jethro Tull CDs had been lying forgotten for quite some time now. Thanks to a certain person's fixation with "Aqualung" [:P], Tull was retrieved from Oblivion and as always, has made me sufficiently high!So very high with Tull! Sheer genius! I like each song more, every time I hear it. I am humming the War Child Waltz as I type! Freaky! The London Symphony Orchestra playing the music of Jethro Tull with Ian Anderson is one divine album! It is magical and with the orchestra, their music feels, well...infinite! Makes me feel like I’m on "Glory Row" , “ skating away on the thin ice of a new day"...!Come what may..!(Except a hard-disk crash ,god forbid).

Instant Noodles : I sincerely believe that this is one of the greatest inventions of mankind .Its greatness seems all the more pronounced in those post-selections-pre-exams period when there is a lot to do, and no inclination to do anything whatsoever. Instant noodles serves for instant breaks as and when required. The time utility is paramount. The taste: heavenly. The satisfaction: instant. Also it opens up a lot of avenue for culinary creativity. One can season it according to the seasons. There are no fixed rules of preparation. Yes, some might complain that such a gastronomic delight does add to the luxury of one’s waistline, but do I look like I care? There are so many options too! Maggi, Top Ramen, Wai Wai(my current favourite) and even those Chinese ones with unintelligible names! Well, Mr.Momofuku Ando, I am sure the Gods are turning water into instant noodles in heaven, thanks to you!

The Long Goodbye : Bidding farewell to our seniors was difficult.I never thought it would be .The Farewell made me heavy with the gaiety of parting!
Now that I know there won’t be those familiar faces in the canteen(some, "permanent" faces),those tête-à-tête on the corridors, occasional bullying, frequent leg-pulling, those unforgettable Board meetings, handing out of “pearls of wisdom” by them, letting go becomes harder than I imagined. I think it is the whole point of being seniors now , that makes me apprehensive. I don’t know why. Or maybe I do. The reasons are now locked in the cloisters of my memories,some of my best memories.:-)

It’s raining outside. The first rain, of the season. The smell of the wet soil: intoxicating. The trees are going wild with the tempestous wind. A hint of a storm. The road seems like a carpet of fallen leaves. Lightning strikes. A stray dog barks helplessly.There is a mystic uncertainty in the sound of the night. I feel perplexingly tranquil. :-)


Priyanshi said...

As was a joy to read what you wrote:)
I was frightened by the first showers this season. The intensity felt as if there was so much pent up there. Although the after-effects came as a relief to us dry and irritated souls,the pouring down felt as if the Gods were growling and the earth was shaking.

Look at the hindside of the Oscars: Jennifer Aniston came back as a strong woman to stand confidently in front of her ex-Husband and his present pouty partner in adopting the world's "starved and homeless". I do feel sorry for that woman...and to see her so comfortable in Mayer's arms (oh did HE look cute :D) made me feel nice :) And Freida Pinto? That's what we call "Luck By Chance"!

As i told you once,you're at your creative best when you're studying for your exams :P

P.S. try maggi with peeled tomatoes and a garnishing of Maggi's chicken cubes. Another genius invention,it makes up for all the lost non-veggie feel in the masala maggi :D enjoy!!

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Thank you! :) I wonder where all the creativity vanishes when I need it the most :the Dev Eco paper! :(

Yes,John Mayer was one of the reasons I enjoyed Oscars this year!I sat through the show,to see a glimpse of Mayer seated behind Sean Penn!And yeah,Penn's speech was cool too!It was a fun party!But it's time people stopped taking it seriously! :D

And thanks for the recipe!I will try it out! :D

Rene Lacoste said...

It probably just makes people feel good about themselves and about the fact that by recognising talent from a third world nation, they are doing everyone a great service. God of Small Things, White Tiger, Slumdog Millionaire...Freida Pinto for crying out loud! I slept for a sizable part of the movie...and the bit of Freida Pinto I did see, I swear to God that I've seen more talented actors elsewhere...probably in my own college!

I was just relieved(after all the Glamdog hoopla) that they didn't take one away from Heath Ledger.

As for Jethro Tull...well...what can I say :)

When and if you come over to this side of the world, try having instant noodles. I promise you, even the sight of instant noodles would make you puke after that.

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

True!More of a charity than an award really!But what peeves me is how people here are also getting carried away!Speaking against Slumdog is almost being equated to being unpatriotic!Ridiculous! :(
And that Pinto girl!God,she is not even pretty! :|

And are you really serious about the Instant Noodles thingy!?! How is that possible?How can they manage to do that on the other side of the world? :O

Rene Lacoste said...

I too thought it wasn't could anyone spoil the recipe of instant noodles. But three years and I've had to believe otherwise :(

As for Freida Pinto, I agree! I don't find her pretty! Not one bit!!!

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Awww!I deeply sympathise! :(