Saturday, July 4, 2009

Idle Musings II

I was wondering.

(Yeah, again!)

With the sudden demise of MJ and the flood of messages from the millions around the world, the network to Heaven is bound to be jammed!

Some were simple, some drab, some heartfelt, some touching, others creative, but almost all of them had one thing in common.

All wanted this tormented soul to find solace in death.

Rest in Peace or RIP was how most ended.

And that’s what got me thinking.

It got me thinking about Rip Van Winkle.

Rip Van Winkle, almost a symbolism for prolonged slumber now! The Western parallel to our dear old Kumbhakarna, I think. Only,a more mundane character.

Rip, rested in peace for 20 years; a temporary escape from the drudgery of life.

‘RIP’ on the other hand, is the perennial slumber, prospective salvation.(?)

I wonder whether Irving named Van Winkle so, for this reason!

Guess, we’ll never know!

But for everytime that we are Rip,seeking temporary(that is a much,much deflated version of the 20 year marathon) refuge from the life around, yet sure of being woken up ,Life just pushes us,closer towards ‘RIP’,the GREAT escape!

That’s the Divine Irony.




Priyanshi said...

Death...the only thing that's sure in our lives :P

Perhaps death is like when we have a deep sleep. You are unaware of how time passes.

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Yeah!No waking up!

And Keynes got that right! :D

Priyanshi said...

Someone would be happy to know of your reference to Keynes in increasing number of irrelevant situations :P

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Yes,I know! :D
That someone will call me up in the middle of the night characteristically and say "Thank you,thank you!" :P

Priyanshi said...

On yeaaaaaaaaaaaah :P No one ever calls me anyway :P So I shall only sit back and laugh at you while you are the mediator among us,for reasons I think I'm correct in thinking :D Buahahahaahahah!!!

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

If you mean what I think you mean,that's not happening!
Over my dead body! :|
And please,I have better taste in men! You on the other hand should keep quiet and not make me start off with..... :P

Twisha Mukherjee said...

You know what, when I'm depressed, I sleep too much. I can sleep all day, for days, without running out of sleepiness! I used to say that sleeping is a way to escape the feelings that would peter my brain if I were awake. Your post made me re-realise what sleeping (unnecessarily) actually signifies.
But, well, no comments about death. I haven't experienced it. And I really dunno what it is, actually. :P

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Yeah,we all have our defence mechanisms!Sadly for me I don't get much sleep when am depressed.I wish my body would react like yours! :D

Pancham said...

I wonder why nobody wept this much for Richard Wright or Syd Barrett? remind me to ramble about that sometime..

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Ahh,my thoughts!
You know I kinda thing that people did mourn but it was not given so much "coverage" well the rest,we'd rather NOT discuss here! :P