Sunday, April 5, 2009

Your Promises.

You haven't changed.
You claimed you had.
You promised you would.
Promises.Your promises.
Flimsy and filthy.
Just as it was.
Just as it will be.

You had faded away.
Banished from my world.
Yet,you clawed your way back.
Forcing yourself in.
Bruising me from within.
Promises.Your promises.
Flimsy and filthy.

You reminded me of the "best of times."
Our times in the sun.I agree.
But did you forget the rain clouds?
For they still haunt me.
You promised sunny days and moonlit nights
Were all that you would give me,this time around.
Promises.Your promises.
Flimsy and filthy.

You cajoled.You reasoned.
You made me doubt myself.
And then,you lied.
Two years ago became today.
I was glad.
Promises.Your promises darling!
Flimsy and filthy.
All along.


Priyanshi said...

I liked it...and well...whoever it was...he didn't deserve to be in your life. Life's about moving on! Girl...this is not you. You're strong!

Minakshi said...

A rockstar like you deserves much much more than flimsy filthy promises...


The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

@PD :Thanks.I think I have attained my escape velocity. :-)

@Minakshi : Thanks babe!I feel the same way :P Just that some people are a tad slow! :D

Rene Lacoste said...

First, for the escape velocity fatta, thumbs up :)

Second, I've never understood prior to this entry how non-rhyming poems work. Now I have a semblance of understanding :)

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

Thank you! :-)
And am glad that you found some semblance of understanding in a somewhat incoherent bit of expression on my part,I guess.:-)
(That was a long sentence! :P )

Twisha Mukherjee said...

That was wonderful. Very few people can bring rhythm into blank verses. Yours was, well, NATURAL!
About "whoever it was", I don't think I should intrude, but I think anyone wouldn't waste time and energy in clawing his way back to your life, if he didn't love you. Give it a thought. Of course, I don't know the story. My apologies, if I'm wrong.

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

He claims he did love me and still does.But then,I'm noy buying it.I have moved on and he's uninvited. :)

And thanks! :)

Manu said...

I know these are entries which are really old and don't know if my comment means anything but couldn't help myself from making an attempt. So here goes..this was better than the other one. I really enjoyed reading your poem and whoever the protagonist in the poem is, if he read it, it would have hurt him where it counts and the message is LOUD AND CLEAR. Still going through the rest of your entries.i am glued keep blogging:)

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

And better than which one? :P