Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Man with the Alpine Hat

Yes, I love him. I never thought I would. I never really thought I could fall in love with one of those rich, idle , air-heads. I was right. He isn’t one of them. He just appears to be so for those who haven’t been able to read into the real him. Yes, he is rich but you can’t blame him if one of his loaded relatives went sailing to heaven and left him a fortune! Incase you are, that’s just you being jealous! Stop cribbing and feed greasy pot roast to one of your despicable affluent acquaintances with high cholesterol,instead.If you don't have one,well,blame it on your benevolence for they sure EXIST!Anyway,when was being rich a crime? I guess the Red Army would disagree but I’d like to leave out such morbid 'matadors' out of my sunny story of love right now. Thank you.
The object of my affection is rich but seems to be quite oblivious of it. His garish tastes would bear testimony to that.The high society would consider him a disgrace.You might too.But open your eyes,and you shall behold an iconoclast. He appears to be obtuse but I know he is not. I just feel he is indifferent or too engrossed with the trifles of life to agonize over great matters. Well, we all do that anyway. One less wouldn’t hurt right? It is an ingenuous method to escape from all the bally-trouble. An escapist? A bird skimming the surface of water you say? Ah well, I love him still! He is an adorable man-child who makes what in others would have appeared to be galling glaring stupidity, appear as delectable innocence.He is a man waiting to be saved.He needs that from time to time with all the scrapes he gets into. He manages to wriggle out of them though, thanks to a wise man that walked into his life.
For him, I know missing a court hearing would be less of a disaster than his Aunt’s cook giving notice! I know all he can quote (that too incompletely and completely inappropriately) are inane country jingles and is hopelessly lost in the world of The Bard . I know he is rather spoilt and that he often needs someone to provide him with the perfect word to complete a sentence,or rather to make sense. I know he runs behind popsies and then runs away from them for his life. But strangely, one doesn’t love him in spite of that, but rather because of that.For all the wrongs make a right only in him.
He has no pretences. He is no snob. He is hilarious and again , quite unaware of it. He seems indifferent but he nurtures a sensitive heart.He is just a harmless blundering fool .But most significantly he abides by the code for he "never lets a pal down" , come what may and that’s what makes my heart soluble. Life with him around I imagine, would be springtime all year around and doodah-ing all the way!
And for him I would wear a ghastly pink-feathered alpine hat to the church!(I would have said the parliament but I guess weirder things happen there anyway).I just need to procure one. I sure hope to, for my Cherie Amour, Bertram Wilberforce Wooster. :)


Leonardo said...
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The Dark Side Of The Moon said...

It's pretty irritating when people delete their own comments!Make up your mind for crissake! :|


Priyanshi said...

Awww...he's adorable..totally! :D

Anonymous said...

That was my comment :(. This one linked back to something it shouldn't have...Anyway, the comment was something about Alpine Hats versus Sombrero Hats, me favouring the latter of course :P

The Dark Side Of The Moon said...


Ahh!What was it?Why did you delete it? :(

And I'd prefer a Sombero under ordinary circumstances.Sane people would.Alpine hat is for extraordinary ones,such as this one!It veers on the outrageous! :P